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DEBT4k. Teen doesnt want sex with debt collector but its the only way out

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Gustamachio 2 years ago
shes adorable
Alex 1 year ago
Knew an old school bar owner who let people run tabs. This was a "meat market" kind of bar aka where you went looking to meet someone new. One night he has me stay after close. As a thank you for some tech work I did he had asked one of the gals I told him I thought was "button cute" (too bashful to hit on her) to hook up with me. Found out that he let the girls run up big tabs and if it hit a certain amount they, ahem, worked it off.
Derek 1 year ago
What a pile of shite
Bobdog 9 months ago
The national debt is in the double trillions. All these single women on social benefits. Time to settle with the tax payers. My cock is or here, its not sucking itself. We can get this debt settled.
9 months ago
Lmao. Never even asked her name. So dumb
2 years ago
Mame girl?
I’m here for sex 1 year ago
Are they sure that that’s not a
Hhh 1 year ago
Y fake cock
Xala 2 years ago
Seems a bit Rapey…….
Horny 2 years ago
She's sexy!